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Several years ago, Dubrovnik and Šibenik engaged in an unusual contest. Tourist guides from Šibenik decided to count all the stairs in their city. They came up with a total of 2851 stairs and announced that Šibenik is the city with the biggest number of stairs in whole of the Mediterranean. Dubrovnik swiftly picked up the gauntlet. The agile members of Dubrovnik's „Porporela“ association took up the task of counting all the stairs – so called „skaline“ - in Dubrovnik, following the strict rules. They counted exclusively the stairs in public areas, omitting the thresholds of houses and private properties. Besides, they counted only the stairs leading to the outer rim of City Walls, without stairs at the locations of Buža and Sveta Marija. Eventually they counted 1080 stairs at the actual City Walls, omitting as much 450 stairs in private gardens, as well as all the stairs behind bars and gates. In case of any doubt or discrepancies, the counting procedure was repeated, always paying attention not to count the stairs which are not used – such as those inside ruins. Finally, Dubrovnikers came out with a total of 5423 stairs.

Many visitors claim that the stairs of Dubrovnik are the city's best hidden gem. Whether framed by greenery along the picturesque narrow streets of the Old City, or shining brightly under the sun atop the City Walls, with its amazing vistas – Dubrovnik stairs are not only for walking – they are the City's very heartbeat.

Though our 87 Stairs have not entered the count in the famous „stairs duel“, they are the characteristic and recognizable feature of Dubrovnik.


87 Stairs Apartments are short term rentals located in a new urban villa in the eastern part of Dubrovnik known as Ploče. The location is within 3 minutes walking distance from the entrance to the Old City, Dubrovnik Cable Car and Modern Gallery. Banje, the most famous Dubrovnik's beach is within 2 minutes walking distance.

We want your vacation to be as pleasant as possible. Therefore, our butique apartments have been designed and equipped following the highest accomodation standards. Each of our 4 apartments has its own terrace, offering a unique and wonderful vista of the Old City of Dubrovnik and Lokrum Island.